at the park

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 493/mb
at the park

Miss Heelgoddess and her friend Miss Magick was a beautiful city park in their sexy heels relaxing and enjoying the peaceful day. They have been talking about all Miss Heelgoddess’s online fans and Miss Magick asked how can she get into making vids and taking photos so she can get a big fan base like hers. So Miss Heelgoddess started telling her about vids she has made and posted online, Miss Magick said that sounds pretty awsum, i would love to try that also. so Miss Heelgoddess went to her car and got sum of her net friend’s shoes that she has been waiting to abuse and told Miss Magick lets give it a go and see how u do on these. so I hope u will like this vid, they had fun making it!

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