KARI 03.05

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 79/mb

for finishing the shoes ‘s part, miss kari decides to do something big so she put on the floor all the shoes she abused before more 9 others pairs ( ballerines, sneakers, high heels, etc, etc…than, barefeet she start walking on all of ‘em, at each steps, shoes are squished, she walks, crush without pity all these shoes. sometimes she uses a shoe for crushing the others, sometimes she use two differents shoes for stomping the rest, sometimes she walks slowly and quietly and sometimes it’s the opposite but the result is the same for the victims. at the end she made and stay atop a mountain of shoes, crushed totally under her beautiful feet without mercy. maybe the best shoes ‘s slaughter i ever seen………………………..total time : 7.34……………….high quality clip 720 x 576.

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