Officegirl Rivalry Wrecked Shoes

Clip Time: 3 Minutes Clip Size: 143/mb
Officegirl Rivalry Wrecked Shoes

When Alexis finds the pickup truck is gone she knows Brianna has left her stranded in the construction site again so she’s forced to walk back to the office in her good office heels. She walks a while down the muddy dirt road, stopping once in a while to stomp the dirt off her shoes. She can’t get across a flooded section of the road without ruining her shoes so she calls the office. "Sarah, can you come pick me up? That bitch Brianna left me at the construction site again." Turns out that Brianna is still in the area so Sarah asks her to pick Alexis up. After standing there in her mud caked heels for a while, Alexis is relieved to see the company pickup approaching, until it speeds right by her splashing mud all over her and her shoes. The pickup stops down the road and her phone rings. "Oops, sorry Alexis. Are your shoes ok? Don’t worry, stay right there. I’ll come back and get you." The pickup promptly turns around and speeds past her again, completely covering her shoes with mud. Brianna opens the door and smirks. "Hurry up and get in Alexis, we need to get to the board meeting. You’ll be quite a sight walking into that meeting in mud soaked high heels Alexis."

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