Vidiset183 Off Road Miu Miu’s 640x

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 172/mb
Vidiset183 Off Road Miu Miu's 640x

Jamari is traveling a back road short cut that Cammile had suggested when she finds it leads her down the hill to a dead end. As she puts her truck in reverse she soon finds out that she is stuck. Knowing there is only one way out to the canyon and nobody stopping to help, Jamari gets out of her truck and reluctantly puts her very expensive suede Miu Miu’s into the soft mud. Cursing Cammile, Jamari moves to the front tof the truck to lock the hubs on the 4 wheel drive. She struggles with the hub as her shoes get deeper and deeper into the silt. soon the soft mud starts to run inside her shoes. When she thinks that the hub finally is locked she gets up to clear the mud from the rear wheel. Jamari then looks at her new heels and figures she has nothing to loose, so she starts using her feet and heels as digging tools to remove the mud from the rear tires. Kicking sand scraping she slowly removes the pile, all of the time her heels and feet getting muddier and muddier. Sometimes her shoes slip off her feet as she slides the pile away. As Jamari finishes, she gets back in to the truck only to find that the battery has gone dead. Now what does she do?

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