Vidishort 140….Two Bad….Large File

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 211/mb
Vidishort 140....Two Bad...

Well it’s time again for me to clean out my closet. I came across a pair of wonderful TwoLips high heel slingbacks and decided to give them will live or die test. We go back to the railroad casually walking along the ties and then I stopped and gave them the ultimate gravel test. After several minutes of bending, twisting, hitting, and stretching they were managed to maintain their composure quite well. It looks like I’m in a have to give these wonderful shoes a never lease on life. Right after I repaint the damages. Enjoy the video as it contains some fantastic sound and if you really like bending, and twisting high heels along with a little bit of damage then this video you’ll really enjoy. This clip contains: Red slingback heels, walking on gravel, bending and abuse shoes.

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