Caroline, under her Keds shoes

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 349/mb
Caroline, under her Keds shoes

This clip is mainly focused on the soles of Caroline’s fake Keds sneakers. Shot POV looking up at her.0-5 Caroline has her feet propped up on the table while working on her laptop. Shot of her feet resting against the edge of the table, heels on the table with soles shown, and shoes laying on their side as Caroline rests her feet on the table. Candid style shot as she works.5-6: Caroline slips her sneakers off and rests her green striped socked foot on top of her shoes and flexes her toes.6-9:30 With her left leg down on the table, and her right foot on top of her left knee, Caroline points her toes in her shoes, rocking her left foot on the table, and flexing her right foot in the air.9:30-11 Caroline rotates her right socked foot with her shoe half off and finally taking it off.11-end Caroline flexes her socked foot in the air and continues to point her shoe’d left foot on the table.

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