Chasity cheerleading Keds shoeplay 1080p

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 486/mb
Chasity cheerleading Keds shoeplay 1080p

Chasity shoeplay models her Keds sneakers, eventually showing her socks.0-6 Chasity is in the pose, face front, legs up in the back. She slaps her shoes together in the back, showing off the worn soles, flapping them back and forth and rotating them around..6-8 Sitting at table, with shoes up on table, Chasity has her soles towards the camera as she wiggles her Keds to the camera, ankles crossed.8-10 Chasity slips off 1 shoe and shows off her socked foot to the camera. She rubs her socked foot against her other shoe’d foot.10-11 She kicks off her other sneaker, showing both her socked feet.

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