Claire dirty wet Sperry Topsiders 1080

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 380/mb
Claire dirty wet Sperry Topsiders 1080

After getting her Sperrys wet in the creek, Claire walks through gravel and sand, showing off her dirty shoes,, and then cleaning them off, exposing her barefeet.0-1 Lifting her feet out of creek onto rocks, the water runs out of her shoe. Next, a face shot of Claire as she’s sitting on a bench, legs up, shoe soles straight.1-3:30 With her legs out, feet pointed up, Claire rubs her shoes together, and rubs them on the bench trying to get the sand off the bottoms.3:30-7 Cross legged, Claire does some dipping shoeplay in her Sperrys, kicking at the wet gravel and getting her shoes scuffed up. Lots of shots of her arched heels as she dangles her shoe and digs a hole in the ground.7-8 POV shot as Claire is walking. Shot waist level from behind her as she walks.8-10 Siting at a picnic table, Claire has her legs crossed, soles of the shoes toward the camera, as she fidgets them around as she waits for them to dry. Pointing the shoes up and down, you can hear her wet feet rubbing the insides of her Sperrys.10-11 Claire actively tries to clean her shoes. Clapping them together, rubbing the sole on the bench, eventually Claire takes one off and bangs it against the table.11-13 Taking off her other shoe, she bangs it on the bench also, scraping the sole noisily against it. Claire then brushes her barefeet with her hands, and then puts on her clean Sperrys, lacing them up.

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