Blue Suede Boots

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 230/mb
Blue Suede Boots

When you begged me to dress up for you I thought you were being very silly. I couldn’t understand why you wanted me to look like an 80’s chick so bad. But now that I have the outfit you picked out on I feel incredibly sexy. I was just a little girl in the 80s you know. I had no idea how hot the girls looked. And in this skintight purple dress with very short hemline and the leopard print I feel like a bombshell. And I absolutely love these suede ankle high boots with the big heels. I can’t wait to use them on your cock. I’m going to start by using the toe of my new boot, rubbing softness of the suede on the sensitive skin of the head of your penis and slowly down each side of your shaft, gently using it to stroke your full swollen balls. I have a feeling that will have you nice and hard for me so I can start using the sole of the boot to press down on you. Yeah you like when I do that. you like the feeling of my weight on top of your cock. And when I begin to jerk you off by sliding the sole on my boot back and forth, back and forth up and down your shaft I bet you’ll be so tunred on that I can get a little pre-cum out of your. I always love that, using your own cum as lube, rubbing onto your cock. Grinding it into your skin. And these big chunky heels, don’t you think I’m going to for get about them. These are perfect for what I have planned. You wanted your cock worked over by an slutty 80s hottie, well you got it baby. I’m totally wet just from talking about it. We might have to use this outfit again…and again…and again.

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