Compelled To Cum

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 138/mb
Compelled To Cum

You showed up at my door desperate and confused, for 3 days and two nights you’d thought of nothing but my shoes. The black strappy ones, with the 3 inch heels, oh how you’ve longed to know how they smell and how they feel. I’m willing to indulge in this fantasy for you, because my hungry horny boy I have a shoe fetish too. Although we share this fetish it’s not really quite the same. From my shoes you seek pleasure but with them I’m known for delivering pain. Just this once I guess I could make a small exception and mix in a little pleasure as I step on your erection. You like it when use my high heel soles to rub your shaft just right. I can tell from the sounds you make that I own your cock tonight. And if I stab it with my pointy heel or press down with all my weight, you’ll savor every second with your cock that I take. I’m young and tall and damn well sexy too. Most men want my ass or pussy but you just want my shoes. I’m going to give you what you want, mixed with a little pain, and you can watch my fingers slip between my legs as we play our little game. Because we both know you’ll leave satisfied milked of all your cum, but why should you be the only one of us who has all the fun? Jerking you off with my shoes make my pussy wet, and since I can satisfy us both how much better can it get. Now just lay back and watch what I can do, and I promise that in no time at all you’ll be cumming on my shoes.

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