Cum Beneath My Shoe

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 167/mb
Cum Beneath My Shoe

Sometimes a girl just just wants to please her man. Tonight is about you, your pleasure and me giving you exactly what you want. I know you love the feel of my shoes as I use them to make your cock hard. I can see the bliss in your eyes as you look up at me and as I stand above you stepping on you occasionally, just hard enough to make you let out a little his. When I slowly and deliberately drag my pointy high heel up and down your hard shaft I fan feel your entire body tighten under me. And when I find that sweet spot, you know the what I mean, the place where when I rub you with the sole of my shoe it makes your breath quicken and you have to hold back from cuming too fast. It’s different for every man you know. For some the sweet spot is right at the base on the under-belly, others like a long rhythm stroke down the entire shaft, and some love when I work the very tip. Some need it fast or slow, rough or gentle. How do you like it? Where’s your sweet spot? I guess I’ll find out wont.

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