Cum For Me

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 186/mb
Cum For Me

Do you know what you’re in for tonight? Well let me tell you. There has never been a girl more into shoejobs and bootjobs than me. These other girls might put on a good show but they can’t hold a candle to the way I work a mans cock with a sexy pair of stilettos, or a delicious pair of sandlas or, like tonight a mouthwatering pair of knee-high suede boots. You see there is something indescribable about having a big tuff man laid out ion his back under me. In any other situation he could easily be in charge. But not here, not now. In this situation he is completely vulnerable and at the mercy of my boots. Making him wince and flinch when I get a little rough sends shivers up my spine. And ,making him softly moan with pleasure and I work the head of his penis with the sole makes my panties wet, or it would if I was wearing any. But nothing satisfies me quite as much as when I make his back arch as he cums hard for me. There’s a reason suede boots are one of my favorite tools to use on my boys. There is nothing like softness of expensive suede for rubbing against the sensitive shaft or tip of a mans hard cock. It’s such a contrast to the stimulating roughness of the treaded or well worn sole. Alternating back and forth that way I have never failed to have a boy-toy needing to cum so badly he can’t hold off. Tonight will be no different. No girl loves this more than I do, you’re about to see why.

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