Cum Under My Pretty Shoes

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 304/mb
Cum Under My Pretty Shoes

Do you know that I weigh only 40 kilograms? I am a tiny girl, as petite and petite can be…and yet look at me. I have big strong men willingly throwing themselves at my feet and under happily choosing to be under my complete control. What is it that makes me so irresistible? Is it my smoky dark eyes? Or is it my smooth tanned skin? Perhaps it’s my tight body and firm little heart shaped ass? Oh I think it’s a little of all these things but not what makes you fall for me most. What really does it for you, what really makes your knees weak for me, is my pretty little shoes. When I have you laid out on your back, naked and waiting, I know that I can make hard simply by brushing up against your thigh with my heel. And if I decide to stand over you, with one shoe planted firmly on your chest, with my legs slightly apart, I know that I could make you do anything by threatening to stop. But lucky for you I don’t want to stop. You see I’m not like most girls you’ve known. Certainly not like American girls. I come from a place where we know how to please a man. And we absolutely love to do it. So when I make my way down to your throbbing cock with my shoe don’t be surprised if I slide my hands under my little black dress and touch myself. Because deep down we both want exactly the same thing…for you to cum under my pretty little shoes.

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