Cum Under My Rubber Boots

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 239/mb
Cum Under My Rubber Boots

Tonight you and I are right where we belong. Me in my sexy rubber boots, standing tall, posing with you under my foot like I am a fearless hunter on an African plain and you are my latest conquest. And you, naked and wide eyed looking up at me and my long lean legs, my hard tight body and long dark hair. I very much like to make eye contact when I’m working a mans cock over with my shoes or boots. I like to look at him intensely so that I can see the effects what I’m doing to him. I can see his eyes glaze over with pleasure when I find that sweet spot where the pressure is just right and I’m using my sole to rub him just the right way. Or I can see that tiny bit of fear and surprise when I decide the be a little bit rough. I also love just watching his eyes move over me, up and down my body as I own his cock. What I do is incredibly beautiful and I am exceptionally talented. I am an artist…you naked under me is my canvas…my boots are my brushes…and your cum is my watercolour. Now lay back and let me create a masterpiece.

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