Every Last Drop

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 167/mb
Every Last Drop

Sometimes men crave something different, something novel, something exotic. These are them men who come to me. They don’t care that my English is not so good. They like that I am different, not like the girls of their country. They want so badly to be under the heel of of a dark and mysterious girl like me. Maybe it is the unknown they like? Not knowing for certain if I will leave their cocks crushed and broken while I empty their wallets and disappear in the cold dark Romanian night. Or perhaps they have heard about me through the whispers and winks that take place among the sex tourists. You see I have quite the reputation…any man who finds himself laid out naked as day he was born n my floor can be certain of three things; he will be treated to the sexiest black heels he’s ever had on his cock, he will be very very sore and satisfied when it’s all over and I will not quit until I get every last drop.

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