Forcefully Foot Fucked

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 244/mb
Forcefully Foot Fucked

Well, well, well, it appears I have a little visitor with a very serious shoe fetish. Tell me shoeboy, do you long to be touched by my beautiful high heels? Would you so enjoy me rubbing your naked body and hard cock with the soles of these shoes? Maybe using the oh so pointy heels on you? Yes you do want this very much, I know so. I can see you getting very stiff just hearing me say it with my sexy french accent. You had to know that submitting to me and being completely at my mercy could be a dangerous thing. It should be obvious just from looking at me that I am a girl who likes to play rough. I’ve broken more men than a medieval rack. I am not a sugar and spice and everything nice kind of girl. If you’re going to be my shoeboy slave you’re going have to be tough enough to take some abuse. So today I am going to be very very forceful with you. I’m going to take these sexy shoes and r@pe your cock with them. It will be painful at times yes…but I will tell you this mon amour, if you can handle what I dish out you will cum like never before. It’s not like you have a choice so you best mind your manners and take what’s coming to you. In the end will both be pleased…I know this is so.

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