Fucked With Little Black Shoes

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 177/mb
Fucked With Little Black Shoes

These little back shoes are so delicate, in fact there’s hardly anything to them. All separates your hard cock from the bare skin on the sole of my barefoot is less than a centimeter of leather. I like that…the thought of it arouses me for some reason. Of course I could always simply slip of a shoe and rub my barefoot all over you lubed up hard cock, but that isn’t what you need. And for some reason it wouldn’t be as good for me either. With my shoes on, especially ones as dainty and these, I have so much more control. You cant slip away from me when I press down on you. I can be rougher. It’s easier for me to make you yelp if I feel like hurting you. But it’s also much easier to find my rhythm and work that sweet spot. You know what I mean, that part of your cock on the underside just below the head. The skin is so sensitive there. And after I’ve had some fun and the sole of my shoe eventually finds your sweet spot I know that I can make you cum whenever I feel like it. But of course I don’t like to rush. I like to take my time. I want you to become very intimate with these little black shoes. i want to use every bit of them on your. The toes, the heels, the instep, and of course, the soles. These little black shoes may be small and dainty, but I’m going to fuck you with them like a shoe-slut nympho.

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