Fucked With My Boots

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 256/mb
Fucked With My Boots

It’s funny how different people’s tastes are. Some of my admirers love the feel of a dainty little classic high heel shoe on their cocks while others love my big sex-kitten platform stripper shoes, but my favorite kind of man is the one who goes absolutely mad for a pair of my hot skintight black boots. I guess I enjoy this kind of man so much because of the way the boots make me feel. When I wear them I feel invincible, so tall and strong and badass. Like I’m totally in control and can just easily crush his hard-on until he cries as I can make him moan in ecstasy. It’s such a intensely shared experience this thing we do together. You feeling your heartbeat quciken as you look up at me towering over you…and me looking down at this man under the soles of my boots, totally at my mercy, completely lusting for me. And as I run my wedge heel across the head of your penis and begin to press increasingly harder on your shaft until I see the first drips of pre-cum is it any wonder that I’m also getting wet between the legs? We need one another you and I. I need to own and you need to be used. You may be the one who ends up covered in a massive cum shot but I still feel like I get the best of it. After all, I do have the best view in the house. And you have no idea how much I like the show of you getting fucked with my boots.

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