I Want To See You Cum

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 283/mb
I Want To See You Cum

I intimidate men. It’s true, they see my tattoos, my rock hard drop dead gorgeous body and the cocky tough way I carry myself and they become stuttering stammering little boys around me. But you’re different, you’re not afraid of me. Even when I have you in the most vulnerable position imaginable, naked with your cock under the heel of my shoe. You’re either completely crazy or you’re one who loves a strong woman. I’ve worked the most seedy dangerous bars and clubs and I’ve broken many men who were foolish enough to tangle with me. If I chose to I could hurt you in ways you’d never recover from and I wouldn’t lose a wink of beauty sleep over it. Fortunately for you I don’t want to do that. I just want to have my way with your cock using my sexy red shoes. I just want to see you cum. Of course that could all change on a whim but I think that’s part of what makes you desire a girl like me. You know I’m dangerous, you know I’m bad, and yet you’re willing to take the risk just to experience this rough and tumble sex fiend of a chick. Just a word of advice, when I’m looking down into your eyes while my shoes stroke your cock and I whisper in my mouthwatering French accent "cum for me" I suggest you obey…because if I don’t get to see you cum I’m going to have to satisfy myself somehow. In the end the only thing for certain is that this little board will be covered with some form of your sticky hot bodily fluid.

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