If You Cum, I Own You

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 199/mb
If You Cum, I Own You

Your already mine and you don’t even know it yet. Your ass belonged to me the second I decided it but you need to be educated…you need to be broken. How will I do this you ask? With my pretty little shoes of course. I will use them to tease you and you’ll want to beg for more. I’ll hurt you with my pointy heels and you’ll think you’re in heaven. I’ll step on your cock and put all my weight on it and you’ll declare your undying loyalty to me. And when I find just the right spot and work your knob and shaft just the right way you’ll tell me you love me. And when I’ve finally had enough fun with your cock and I decide it’s time I am going to make you cum hard and that’s when you’ll know…that’s when you’ll realize that you belong to me. I own your heart, your mind, your soul and after I make you blow a hot sticky load, your cock. You’re one extremely lucky little pervert shoeslut.

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