I’ll Get What I want

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 233/mb
I'll Get What I want

Oh my dear sweet man, so trusting and so so naive. Didn’t it make you at all suspicious when I said I would indulge your little shoe fetish fantasy? And didn’t it make you pause and wonder why I insisted on tying you up first? Well either way the simple fact is that I have you right where I want you…bound and helpless with your cock trapped in the hole of this fun little toy board of yours. You cant get away and down here in our basement nobody can hear you scream for help. And believe me, you’re going to want to scream when you find out what’s about to happen. Oh don’t get me wrong, you’re going to love what I do to your cock, these sexy heels will make sure of that…what you wont like is the reason I’m going to work your cock with these hot shoes until you explode. You see I want your cum…that’s why I have my little friend here mister turkey baster. I’m going to use these shoes on your cock until it’s hard, throbbing and ready to burst. And when you do finally spew it’s going right into the baster and then right into me. You can try to hold back all you want, it won’t work. I know what you like. I know how to use the sole of my shoe to get you off. I know just how much pressure and just how rough to be. I know I’m going to make you cum hard…and when you do…in my pussy it goes.

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