I’m Going To Make You Cum

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 231/mb
I'm Going To Make You Cum

You like blonde girls don’t you? Blonde girls with long slim legs and firm hard bodies? And as the cherry on top how about if your blonde bombshell puts on some tight jeans and a pair of expensive knee high suede boots for you? Ah, now I have your attention. It was the boots that made your eyebrows raise and your cock start to swell. Well now lets just have you lie on your back while I use these sexy suede boots to tease that quickly hardening cock of yours. Let me just slowly run the sole of one boot along your cock, all the way from the tip right down to your balls. I can tell by the way you quiver ever so slightly that I’m on the right track with you. So what if I put some more pressure on it? If I press down hard as I move the sole of my boot back and forth, from tip to balls. Oh yes, you like that a lot. I know so because your cock it so hard now under my boot. I’m going to make you cum and all you have to do is one thing, look into my beautiful green eyes as I work your cock with my boots. I need to see the pain and pleasure in your eyes as I do it. That’s all I demand in return.

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