Lady Monica first trample

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 384/mb
Lady Monica first trample

High Definition. Lady Monica wears her sexy red pumps and she is really gorgeous with them and her incredible beautiful legs, almost challenging the slave to be man enough to take the session. She rubs and presses with the soles and soon the cock is almost vertical. Then she plays with her heels with the dick while smiles thinking how helpless and at the same time excited her victim is. Now he finds another game: Backwards, while rubbing with the soles the main part of the cock, her sharp heels touch and press the top or it. What funny! She thinks. She resumes vigorously the work for a while and then she stops when he sees the slave is near to the climax. She makes it several times! But then she decides she wants to see a load flowing and she rubs without pause until she gets what she wanted: a big and never ending cum! She stops for a moment to see better the whole field and after doesnt finish until she gets last drop. With selected music for soundtrack.

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