Lick It Off

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Lick It Off

She was like an exotic voodoo women you would see in the movies. She had smooth flawless skin and the most mesmerizing eyes, so dark they were like deep black pools? With her beautiful wild black hair and full bl0od red lips she seemed so primal and mysterious. She seemed so out of place just walking down the city streets and as she moved in her red dress, fishnet stockings and platform heels everyone stopped what they were doing to watch her. I couldn’t help myself, I started to follow her. After a few blocks she turned a corner and I was afraid I’d lost her. I rushed to catch up and when I cam around the corner she was standing there waiting for me. I stopped dead in my tracks just two feet in front of her and she smiled and then bared her teeth and hissed at me "If you want me come with me right now". I was in shock but I couldn’t refuse, she had me in some sort of spell. She took me a few more blocks to a very run down building and up to the 6th floor. The apartment consisted of a sofa and a small short table with a hole in the center. She told me to take off my clothes and I did. Before I even knew what was happening I was under the table with my cock trough the hole. I had never done anything like this but when she shimmied out of her dress and got up onto the table I was so turned on I can’t describe it. Seeing this incredible woman, who just 15 minutes ago had been a complete stranger to me, now standing over my stiffening cock wearing those heels, fishnets and sexy red bra and panties was almost too much. She was like no woman I’d ever been with before and she did things to my cock with those shoes that were amazing. By the time she was finished with me I would have done anything she demanded…even lick it off.

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