Milked With My Dirty Boots

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 211/mb
Milked With My Dirty Boots

You know I brought an entire suitcase full of hot clothes and sexy shoes. So why are you on your back before I even have a chance to unpack or change? Why are you begging for me right here right now just the way I am? Oh I think I understand…you want these boots on your cock. The ones I just walked in off the street wearing. You don’t care if they’re dirty, in fact I think you like it. Yes there’s no doubt about it, you want me to fuck your cock with my dirty boots and you can’t wait another minute. You want me in these jeans and t-shirt and you don’t even want me to wipe the sidewalk dirt off of my boots. Alright my horny little shoe lover, I’ll oblige you. I’ll dirty up that hard cock if yours. But At least let me take my shirt off…I’m going to do you hard and that’s hot thirsty work. And when I’m finished, you’re going to give these dirty boots a nice good shine with with the cum I milk out of you.

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