My First Bootjob

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My First Bootjob

I may be only 19 years old but I’ve had plenty of boyfriends and I’m by no means a prude. I just have never felt ready to tell anyone that I secretly crave having a naked man under the sole of my boot. That was until I met an older man who had experience with foot/shoe fetishes and had a particular fondness for young girls in sexy high heel boots. When he told me this I could feel my heart begin to race because I knew that I was finally going to explore this desire that I’d kept to myself for so long. We met on the Internet so our first face to face meeting was when we planned to have me do this to him. I showed up at his door in a buttoned up waist length rain coat. Underneath I wore my hottest black bra and lacy panties. And of course I had on my sexy boots. When he opened the door he looked pleasantly surprised by what he saw. My makeup was just the way he told me he liked it and my hair was down in long, silky, dark ringlets. It wasn’t long before he was naked on his back under a board with a hole in it. His cock was hard before I even stepped onto the board. I was nervous but this was my fantasy as much as his and I wanted to be in control. I took my time, sliding my boots along the side of his cock, teasing it, toying with him. I felt a surge of intense excitement go through my body when I stepped on it firmly for the first time and before I even realized it my coat was open and my hands were making their across my body. I had to slow myself down because by this point I just wanted to see him cum…but I wanted it to last. I could tell what was working by his breathing and his little noises of pleasure and pain. Seeing him under me like that was exactly how I’d imagined it and I was in ecstasy. I wanted to see my boots make him cum hard…I got exactly what I wanted…and I haven’t been able to think of anything else since. I have lots of boots and a lot of shoes.

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