Pump Your Cum Out

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 241/mb
Pump Your Cum Out

I lure men. I’ve done it since I was a young girl and I have never been able to stop. You see I have certain appetites and very specific needs and for me there is no other way to satisfy them. Would you like to hear my modus operandi? Okay I’ll tell you. It starts with choosing just the right outfit, something sexy that shows off my firm tight ass and my perfect tits is a must, but most importantly I want my prey to be turned on by my long tanned legs and mouthwatering footwear. When he looks at me I want him to imagine running his hands across my smooth skin beginning at my thigh and slowly making his way down to my shoes. I want his so turned on that when I tell him to take his clothes off he will obey without question, and when I tell him to lie on his back he won’t hesitate. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me go on with how I spin my web. After selecting the right outfit I set out in the city for a leisurely walk. It never takes very long before I catch a man checking me out. If he’s alone and if I decide he’s the one I smile at him and before I know it he is at my side, asking me for my number and telling me how beautiful I am. When I lean in close and whisper in his ear something like "You can come home with me right now if you promise to be a good boy and do exactly as I say." they are always left speechless. When I get them back to my flat I tell them to sit and I ask them if they have any fetishes. Most times they do not and are usually very vanilla in the boudoir. This is good. But why you wonder? Because I want to be his first. Nothing get’s me hotter than when I have him naked on his back staring up with me in disbelief and puzzled because he doesn’t know what to expect next. This fellow has never had a shoejob, he’s probably never even heard of one before, so when I start to work on his cock with my sexy high heel it’s all completely new to him. And when he finds himself rock hard and getting more and more turned on with every stroke of the sole of my shoe against the sort head and sensitive underbelly of his penis. He may not have understood the appeal of shoe-worship and shoejobs before but he will after I’m finished with him. And when I make him cum like he never has before and press on his balls and cock with my high heel until every last drop of hot cum is squeezed out all over him he won’t be able to walk by a women’s shoe store without remembering this day. Some women seek out men with the necessary fetishes to fulfill their desires…I find the man and then create the fetish.

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