Rubbed Raw

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 202/mb
Rubbed Raw

As you lie there and look up at me what thoughts go through your mind. I can can feel your eyes move over me. On my lips, down my throat, pausing to take in my huge firm tits. Your cock gets harder and harder as you visually explore me. The curve of my tasty round ass, my soft creamy inner thighs as slightly spread my legs. By the time your eyes move down my legs, over my shapely calves to my sexy boots, your cock is absolutely throbbing. I can’t read your mind but I see the hunger and desperation in your eyes. I know how badly you need to feel these boots on your cock. I’m so talented with my boots. I know just the right way to touch you. Just how much pain to mix in with the pleasure. How to find that special spot and use my sole to jerk you off until your ready to explode. I’m very good at what I do. Wanna know why? Because taking a horny boy and watching him worship my shoes until he has tears of pleasure in his eyes is what gets me off. We all have our fetishes, fortunately for you mine just happens to be having a cock under my foot.

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