Shoe Fucked

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 274/mb
Shoe Fucked

Do you like sexy high heels? Do you like the feel of soft suede against your skin? How about the rough feel of the sole of a hot woman’s shoe? Oh you like all of those things? Good. Because I’ve got a new pair of drop dead gorgeous black suede heels and you’re going to help me break them in. You know what I love? When I gaze down at you while I fuck your hard cock with shoes and you are so turned on that you can’t even decide where to look. You want to watch my beautiful shoes and pretty feet work you over but I’m so damn hot that you just can’t help watching me as run my hands over my body. It must be so difficult to concentrate with your senses being overloaded like this. It must feel like heaven to be under me, knowing that I’m not going to stop until these shoes make you cum. I certainly know it does something for me. That’s why I can’t help touching myself. But don’t worry, its okay if you want to watch me and not my shoes, I promise you wont miss a thing. We’re filming this just so you can watch every little detail of me and what I do to you over and over again.

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