Slutty Semi-Transparent Perspex Bootjob

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 631/mb
Slutty Semi-Transparent Perspex Bootjob

Now I know you boys love these shiny heels as much as we do and this clip features an absolutely amazing pair of silky smooth semi-transparent perspex peep-toe boots! You can almost see through to my feet, but you can definitely see my red suckable lollipop toes peeping out. I wore these to a fetish club a couple of weeks ago and the lucky boys who got to worship my feet were in heaven as these boots really keep in the sweat and scent of my divine feet. Imagine picking these up and smelling them after a long day of me walking around in them and licking the liquid goodness from inside? Maybe you fantasise about a work colleague leaving them under their desk and you help yourself to them and have your wicked way with the sensual smell that makes your cock grow harder and harder? I know what you pervy boys are like!Well my shoeboy cannot resist me in my shiny latex and he is soon where he belongs, gripped between my boots with a helping of lube to make sure my hot heels glide effortlessly over his cock, edging him further and further to his orgasmic finale! I speak in my sexy French accent and demand that he cover my boots in his hot load. Of course it is not long until this is fulfilled and a sexy hot load of thick white cum is covering the perspex booties as they should! There are closeups of the mess, it is quite a big one. Get those tongues ready. I want these boots spotless. X

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