Under My Desk

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Under My Desk

I had been drooling over her shoes and boots for months. She had quite the reputation for being the office tramp. Word around that lunch room was that her mouth had seen more office cock than the mensroom urinal. I had even noticed her eyeing me up a few times and I had no doubt I could fuck this slut anytime I wanted to. The think is that I didn’t want to fuck her, I wanted something else. While she may have been the staff Christmas party cum receptacle she certainly had a sexy-ass sense of style. I had literally been jerking off to her shoes and boots so much that the underneath my desk was starting to look like Carlsbad Caverns. I had to have her but I couldn’t figure out how to ask. Then one evening I noticed she was staying to work late so I decided to stick around. Eventually everyone left and most of the lights were turned off throughout the office. It was just me and her. I could hear her typing away and making phone calls. It sounded like she had an important deadline. I just couldn’t take it anymore, my cock was aching to feel her shoes. And then a chance presented itself. She got up, stretched, arched her back in a really sexy way and let out a long soft sigh, and then went to the ladiesroom. This was my chance. I quickly stripped off my clothes and got under her desk. It was an incredible risk but I was desperate. To this day I have no idea if she knew I was there. She came in sat down and continued her work. But her boots, those beautiful black boots that smelled of leather and shoe-polish with a delicious hint of perspiration, somehow those boots found their way to my throbbing cock, At frst I thought it was an accident, just a coincidence,but the way these boots moved made me unsure. The toe of one found it’s way under the engorged head of my penis while the other boot stoked the shaft of my cock again and again. At times she would drag her heels across me or did them into me, just enough to hurt but not enough to make me yelp. It went on and on and I had to hold back from cumming because I didn’t want it to end. I’m not going to tell you the rest because I don’t want to spoil it for you. Lets just say that some sluts are great at more than just spreading their legs. I’ve never had a bootjob like that before or since. It was amazing.

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