Under My Dirty Boots

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 229/mb
Under My Dirty Boots

I used to be miserable. I walked through life as if in a daze, barely feeling anything. I went to work in an tall office building where I would pretend to do very important things for people who pretend to be very important. When I would look around at my zombie fellow commutators crowding onto trains like cattle I would find myself daydreaming about effortlessly leaping like a ballerina off of the platform into the path of an oncoming train. I was dead inside, as hollow and empty as an old tree stump. In that moment knew that if I didn’t find something that made heart beat race made me excited to be alive again I just couldn’t go on. That’s when I noticed him…he was standing a few feet away from me dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. He looked younger than me and he looked hungry. I’m a very attractive woman, with long blond hair, beautiful flawless tanned skin and long toned legs. I wa swearing some casual office attire and a sexy little pair of boots. I knew I looked hot and I knew why he was looking like a beast about to pounce. The old me wanted to look away and quickly get on the next train but I knew I needed this so right then and there I made the decision that I would take this person home and do whatever he wanted. I felt my heart beat in my chest as I walked over to him. I stood in front of him and said "See anything interesting?" and he just smiled and said "I’d give just about anything to feel those boots on me." I reached out and took his hand and lead him out of the train station. My flat was only a block away and when I got him inside I pushed him against the wall and said "I’ll do anything you want me to." I was very surprised when he said "fuck me with your boots". In seconds he was naked on his back and I was standing over him. His cock was hard and my pussy was dripping wet. Instictively I seemed to know what he wanted and how he needed to be touched with my boots. The feelings of power and control I felt surged through my body as I teased and stimulated him with my boots. I couldn’t resist touching myself. There was no doubt in my mind that I would make this stranger cum on my boots. And there was no doubt that I’d finally found something that made me feel alive. This wouldn’t be my last bootjob…I had a whole closet full of sexy shoes and boots in the next room…and there were always hungry eyed men in the city streets. Only from now on I would know exactly what I wanted.

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