You Will Cum Hard

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 282/mb
You Will Cum Hard

Don’t try to fight it. I’m not letting you up off your back until I get what I want so just relax and let me have my way. You better be careful, I’m not one of those tiny little wisp of a girl types. I am a real woman with real curves, strong thick thighs and tight round calves. Think your cock can handle me? I can tell that you like being under the sexy black pump of a woman like me but don’t forget that I could do a lot of damage if I chose to. Fortunately for you I’m not in the mood to break any cocks tonight. I just want to look down and see you squirm as I milk that hard cock of your with the soles of my shoes. I will make you two promises, the first is that you will come hard. The second is that when I’m finished you are going to need some recovery time.

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